She couldn’t handle it anymore, the nightmares that were sealed with a promise behind her eyelids every night, Peeta’s moments of petrified horror because of her, the daily reminders of everything she’d lost around her in district 12. Katniss could face the arena, mutts, an entire war waged against her and her loved ones, but the aftermath was something she couldn’t take.

She heard Gale’s voice in her head, night after night when she woke up in a sweat, calling out for someone (Prim, Rue, Cinna, Finnick, take your pick): “We could do it, you know. Run off. Live in the woods.” It had been said under different circumstances, but the overall need to escape held true. Katniss wanted out. She needed to tear herself away from Peeta’s comfort, because she was causing him so much pain. She was causing them both pain just by staying here. It was stupid to think the two of them could carry on after all that had happened, after all they’d seen.

And so, she packed her bags while he slept and forced herself out of their house, and out of his life.

When he woke up, frozen in fear from his vivid nightmare, the other side of the bed was cold and Peeta realized his nightmare was real.  He’d finally lost her.

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